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It was raining outside, slow and steady. The sky was dark and dreary, and left Obito in a thoughtful mood as he watched it fall. His fingers were lightly entwined with Kakashi's as he read a book. They didn't have many moments like this. Kakashi's eyes remained fixed on his book, as Obito shifted in his seat. He was very conscious of the mood the rain was setting.

"We should take a vacation," Obito said, leaning against Kakashi's shoulder.

"Vacation?" Kakashi asked, his eyes never leaving the page. "What do you mean?"

"Getting out of town and away from missions and paperwork," Obito replied. "Nothing grand. Just . . . Leave for a few days. Spend time soaking in warm water or in bed with each other."

"Plenty of baths in Konoha. And we're spending time together now." Kakashi turned the page with his thumb, and squeezed Obito's hand. "Why do we need to leave it?"

"We don't, I just . . . I want to spend time with you undistracted."

"Are you distracted now?" Kakashi asked.

"You are," Obito muttered.

Sighing, Kakashi shut his book and threw it on the table. "Is something bothering you?" he asked. "You don't normally care that I'm reading."

"No, nothing. Really." Obito kissed the skin above Kakashi's covered cheek. "I just want to spend time with you that doesn't feel so rushed."

"I don't see what difference leaving town would make."

"All the difference in the world, really," Obito said. "I just feel cramped here."

"This is a one person apartment," Kakashi said. "It's not really meant to be for two."

"That's not what I meant, jerk," Obito muttered. "I just wanted to get away from the pressure of life and take time just . . . Looking at you and admiring you and loving you."

"Again, I'm not sure Ió"

"Oh forget it," Obito said. "It's not actually important. I didn't think you'd get so defensive about it." Obito started to get up, his hand dropping Kakashi's reluctantly.

"Wait," Kakashi said, grabbing Obito's wrist. His eyes met Obito's, and there was a look of concern there that touched Obito. "I'm not against it, I just don't see the point. If you want to go somewhere, we can. I'm just wondering if there is more to it then that."

"No," Obito said. "There isn't. I just want to be with you."

Kakashi stood up, and wrapped his arms around Obito's waist. Obito sighed as Kakashi's head rested on his shoulder, and he reciprocated the embrace. Loosely linking his fingers behind Kakashi's back, Obito buried his head against his friend's neck. Kakashi was warm, and it felt nice to be close to him.

"I love you," Kakashi said softly. "I don't say it often, but I do."

Obito pressed his lips against Kakashi's neck, and nodded. "I love you too."

Kakashi moved his head back to look at Obito, and smiled at him from under the mask. "Do you want to try and get out of town then? Together?"

"Yeah," Obito said, nodding. "I would, actually."

"All right," Kakashi said, giving him a shrug. "I'm sure we can manage to get out of upcoming missions and get out of town together. Where do you want to go?"

Obito looked outside, and sighed. "Somewhere sunny," he said. "With a bright blue sky."

"It's not really beach season," Kakashi replied.

"No, but we could go to an inn by the ocean," Obito offered. "They usually have outdoor baths, and we could just be lazy all day."

Kakashi leaned his forehead against Obito's, enjoying the peace he felt in the man's arms. He offered Obito a wry smile, and glanced up at him. "You know, wherever we go, the weather's likely to be like this, right? It is that time of year."

"No," Obito said. "Wherever I am with you, they sky will always be blue."

Kakashi laughed, and shook his head. "That was horrible."


"Don't ever try to become a poet."


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